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How to Install Sliding Wardrobe Doors

In order to make fitting your sliding wardrobe doors as simple as possible we've created a series of short video clips and downloadable PDF's to help.

If its still not clear how to install your sliding doors and interiors, just contact us and we will be glad to help. If you really dont want to install, then contact us as we may be able to recomend a local installer or carpenter, or you could consider our 'Free-standing Sliding Wardrobes'. As no cutting is required on site, our delivery teams install them in your home 'free of charge' when they deliver.

If you can't find what you are looking for then why not contact us.

Measuring Up

Measuring up (Video 2010)
Measuring up for sliding doors (New Video 2015)
Measuring up for standard sliding doors (PDF)
Measuring up for made to measure sliding doors (PDF)

Fitting Standard Doors

Fitting your Tracks & Doors (Video 2010)
Installing standard sliding doors (PDF)
Fixed sized sliding door instructions (PDF)
How to upgrade STANDARD doors to SOFT CLOSE (PDF)

Fitting Made to Measure Doors

Fitting your MTM Tracks (Video 2010)
How to fit sliding doors (Video 2015)
Custom sized sliding door (single sided) instructions_V2 (PDF)
Custom sized sliding door (double sided) instructions (PDF)

Fitting Angled Doors

Angled Door Instructions (PDF)
Series 900 Angled Door Shelf Track and Support Arm (PDF)

Fitting Soft Close

Fitting the Soft Close & Installing your doors (Video 2010)
How to Fit Soft Close (Video 2015)
How to Fit 'Duo ONLY' Double Sided Soft Close (Video 2015)
How to Fit 'Domalti ONLY' Soft Close (Video 2015)
Installing S-7 series soft close mechanism (PDF)
Soft Close Instructions (Heritage, Classic, Shaker, Gliss, Maxima) (PDF)
Domalti & Switch soft close instructions.pdf
Contour & Titan Soft Close Instructions

Constructing your opening

Measuring up & Fitting End panel (Video 2010)
How to fit your Opening Height Reducers (Video 2010)
How to create your opening (PDF)
Angled Ceiling Bracket Instructions (PDF)
Spacer Block Instructions (PDF)

Economy Interior

Installing your Standard Interior & Doors (Video 2010)

Aura Interior

Measuring up for your Aura Storage System (Video 2010)
Fitting your Doors & Aura Storage System (Video 2010)
How to plan for your Aura storage system (Video 2015)
How to Fit Aura Storage System (Video 2015)
Measuring up for Aura storage system (PDF)
AURA drawer brackets (PDF)
AURA Drawer unit W550-900mm (PDF)
AURA floor to ceiling stanchion (PDF)
AURA hanger bars (PDF)
AURA pull down hanger (PDF)
AURA pull down hanger2 (PDF)
AURA pull out basket (PDF)
AURA pull out shoe rack (PDF)
AURA pull out tie rack (PDF)
AURA pull out tie scarf rack (PDF)
AURA shelf brackets (PDF)
AURA shoe rack (PDF)
AURA trouser rack (PDF)

Alume/Relax Interior

Measuring up for MTM & NSI (Video 2010)
Installing the NSI Classic storage system (Video 2010)
How to plan for you Relax storage system (Video 2015)
How to Fit Relax storage system (Video 2015)
RELAX Drawer bracket (PDF)
RELAX Drawer unit (PDF)
RELAX Floor to ceiling (PDF)
RELAX Floor to wall (PDF)
RELAX Hanger bar (PDF)
RELAX Matrix (PDF)
RELAX Media Unit (PDF)
RELAX Pull down hanger bar (PDF)
RELAX Shoe rack (PDF)
RELAX Sliding basket (PDF)
RELAX Trouser rack (PDF)

Traditional Interior

TALL UNIT ASSEMBLY with photos 2 (PDF)