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The Lily Foundation

The total amount raised by our generous customers so far is:


Some of our customers who have donated, are listed below:
Mark F - Surrey
Paul O - London
Margaret S - Herts
Nigel C - London
Jane L - North Devon
Ken N - Middx
Gary R - West Yorkshire
Philip P - Surrey
Shaid M - Yorkshire
Stuart M - Oxon
Terry D - Sussex
Terry B - Kent
Ken N - Middx
Margaret C - E Sussex
Baljit J - Middlesex
Jonathan D - Uk
Jackie S - Essex
Leigh M - Gloucestershire
John D - Devon
Ana Paula C - Wirral
Phillip B - Staffordshire
Stephen B - Kent
Hazel C - Chatteris
Steven H - West Yorkshire
Lucy C - Essex
Alison S - Essex
Martin P - Essex
Alan F - Bedfordshire
Morshed C - Surrey
Catherine P - Surrey
Brian B - East Yorkshire
Adrian S - Hertfordshire
Dennis B - Essex
Robert M - Northants
Christoph P - Avon
A C C - Eastbourne
Grahame R - Oxfordshire
Valerie N - Essex
Miglena G - -- Outside Us --
Beth A - Cambs
Glen P - West Midlands
Jacqui S - Tetbury
William D - Carmarthenshire
Chris K - Cornwall
Jacqueline T - Derbyshire
David B - Cheshire
Stephen D - Berkshire
Joan B - Essex
Paul A - Oxfordshire
Laurence F - London
Jason P - East Yorkshire
Gordon W - Essex
Carl P - Cheshire
Aine M - Surrey
Christopher C - Kent
Roy B - Banbury
William F - Nottingham
Cymantha K - Cheshire
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Graham P - Staffordshire
Roger A - London
Graham A - Cornwall
Joanne M - Middlesex
David B - South Yorkshire
Robert S - Herts
Sean B - Angus
Sara M - Cardiff
Indra A - South Yorkshire
Richard F - West Sussex
Lynn M - Staffordshire
Paul B - Staffs
Bernard P - Suffolk
David C - Middx
Colin J - Staffs
Melvin B - West Midlands
Glynn M - Co. Antrim
Ben A - West Sussex
Lindsay P - Kirkcudbrightshire
Kevin D - Glasgow
Darrell H - South Yorkshire
Richard C - Suffolk
Jan M - Angus
Alan B - Ayrshire
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Robert W - Suffolk
Ewan M - Berkshire
Murray B - Argyll And Bute
Teresa F - Kent
Keith H - Avon
Derek B - Somerset
Roger A - London
Vivienne W - Hampshire
Lubna O - Wirral
Jay G - Herts
Mike H - Glos
Vincent M - East Sussex
John P - Lancashire
Simon R - Hampshire
Paul T - North Yorkshire
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Nathan H - Carmarthenshire
Clifford R - West Midlands
Joseph H - Rotherham
Stephen M - Hertfordshire
John H - London
Linzie K - Bedfordshire
Sue B - Hampshire
Michael M - East Sussex
Kathryn D - Redcar And Cleveland
Leslie M - North Yorkshire
Matthew S - West Midlands
Colleen M - Derbyshire
Ian G - Essex
Tony E - Surrey
Marion M - Kent
Sue W - Cambs
David J - Kent
Avtar K - Kent
William L - Cheshire
Graham A - West Sussex
Sandra A - Surrey
Sandra A - Surrey
Alan P - South Yorkshire
Pauline N - Devon
Alison W - Aberdeenshire
Raza H - Aberdeenshire
Craig M - Nairnshire
John R - Berks
Fay P - Pontefract
Michael R - Suffolk
Abubakar A - London
Gillian T - Essex
Gavin T - Cheshire
David F - Durham
Jackie D - West Glam
Brian T - Merseyside
Neil T - Devon
Lee H - Kent
Jeanette P - Hartlepool
Gary S - Wiltshire
Pamela D - Dumfriesshire
Mike B - Northamptonshire
Chris L - Derbyshire
Alan K - West Sussex
Colin C - Hertfordshire
Claire W - West Yorkshire
Karen B - Hampshire
Julie P - Carmarthenshire
Shona B - Orkney
David S - South Yorkshire
Peter P - N Yorks
Colin C - Hertfordshire
Alison D - Rct
Patricia K - Staffordshire
John D - South Yorkshire
A C C - Eastbourne
David S - Bristol
David B - Powys
Roger E - Devon
John H - Hants
Stephen J - West Sussex
Anthony S - Hants
Stuart R - South Glos
Lee S - Essex
Callum R - Stanmore
Ray O - Hampshire
Kenneth J - Essex
Jonathan B - Wiltshire
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Laetitia V - Oxforsdshire
Barry W - Vale Of Glamorgan
Stephen M - Hertfordshire
Adrian H - Wirral
Graham H - R.c.t.
Peter P - Merseyside
Neville J - Mid Glam
Thomas C - Berkshire
Stephen J - Hampshire
Anne L - Surrey
Liz B - Cleveland
Jan E - West Sussex
Elizabeth R - Glasgow
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Elizabeth R - Glasgow
Brian C - Lincolnshire
John B - East Yorkshire
Lee R - Essex
Lucy K - London
Nicola S - Rhondda
Roger W - West Sussex
John H - Kent
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Rachel M - Surrey
Ian C - Norfolk
Susan K - Lancashire
Barry W - Herefordshire
Chris D - Leicestershire
Marthalie H - Bucks
John M - Aberdeenshire
Alan H - Merseyside
James L - Oxon
John F - London
Simon C - Inverclyde
Melanie P - Kingsbridge
George B - Aberdeenshire
Stuart B - Derbyshire
David M - East Dunbartonshire
Julie M - Dorset
Simon L - Hampshire
Chris P - Middlesex
Shirley C - Saltburn-by-the-sea
Philip C - Derbyshire
Lorraine P - Leics
Tim B - Choose A County
Emma D - South Yorkshire
Susan S - South Yorkshire
Barbara R - Kent
Julian F - Perth & Kinross
Gillian F - Wigton
Chris G - Hants
Chris F - Oxfordshire
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Louise F - Norden
Ian D - Aberdeenshire
Jacqueline S - Essex
Martin P - Essex
Paul B - Ferndown
David F - Essex
Tim M - Worcestershire
Mark L - Gloucestershire
Cheryl H - Devon
Geoffrey V - Monmouthshire
Christina E - Storbritannien
Joanna C - London
Paul J - Essex
Philip W - England
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Kevin C - West Yorkshire
Irene N - Aberdeenshire
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Sharon J - Cheshire
Geoff A - Lancashire
Graham S - West Yorkshire
Dudley C - North Lincolnshire
Hayley G - Oxon
James M - Norfolk
Stuart A - Derbyshire
Philip S - Surrey
Ian M - Sussex
Mark B - Essex
Peter J - E/sussex
Helen B - Preston
Andrew C - Hertfordshire
Paul G - Berkshire
John S - St Annes On Sea
David J - Gwynedd
David W - Epsom
George H - Middx.
Vanita W - London
Michael T - Northants
Neal T - Norfolk
Jeremy S - Surrey
Duncan M - Surrey
Michelle H - London
Martin R - Warwick
Steve Y - Cornwall
David S - Surrey
David S - Surrey
Jane C - Lancashire
Michael M - Hertfordshire
Alex S - Essex
Jeremy S - Surrey
Zeeshan R - Greater London
Richard G - Kent
Stephen C - Somerset
Philip B - Cambridgeshire
John S - Aberdeenshire
Elaine D - Surrey
Ian C - Kent
Alison A - Berks
Mej C - West Yorkshire
Brian C - Lincolnshire
Lorraine F - Surrey
Allan S - Glasgow
Andrew J - Herts
Steven B - Harrogate
Adam G - North Yorkshire
Sukh P - Berkshire
Ian H - Lancashire England
Dorothy W - West Sussex
John M - Fife
Mike B - Northamptonshire
Jennifer C - Harrow
Louise B - England
Neal J - Hampshire
Jim P - London
Martin T - Lancashire
William S - Shetland
Ben A - West Sussex
Jason P - Vale Of Glamorgan
David M - Herts
Mick F - Herts
Leigh C - Essex
Marin C - Edgware

The Lily Foundation is a charitable trust that raises money to support the families, and mostly child sufferers, of Mitochondrial disease. It also funds research projects such as The Evelina Children's Hospital research team and the Genetics Team at Guys and St Thomas' Hospital.

The Lily Foundation was founded in October 2007, following Lily's death to Mitochondrial Disease earlier that year (see Lily's story). When Lily was diagnosed, her parents tried to understand what was happening. They were overwhelmed by medical and scientific literature yet still felt as if they knew nothing. Even with the wonderful support of hospital medical staff, they felt completely alone.

After her death, Lily's parents and uncle, Jonathan Pearce, spoke about setting up The Lily Foundation and they haven't looked back.

Lily Anna Merritt was a beautiful little girl and despite being given days to live, she graced this world with eight months of life. The Lily Foundation was built on Lily's strength and inspired by her fighting spirit.

Although The Lily Foundation was founded in Lily's memory, it is not for Lily. It is to give hope, answers and support to the many other children and families that face the challenges of this disease today.