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Shaker Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Shaker Standard Sized Doors

Please note that there are 2 ways to buy your standard sized doors.  Option 1 is to use the ‘Design tool’, and option 2 is to use the ‘Individual Doors’ section.   Sorry if this causes confusion.  The design tool allows you to visualise different doors next to each other, and includes the price of your tracks.  The individual doors section does not.  The 2 different purchase options SHOULD include the same product, at the same price, but you may find some new colours in the ‘Individual Doors’ section, as it is easier and quicker for us to update with new products i.e. if you cant find a colour in the design tool, then check the individual doors section.

Our Shaker STANDARD SIZED sliding wardrobe doors are available in 610, 762 and 914mm widths (24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch). They suit an opening height of 2260mm, or 2275 if you want soft close.  If your opening is larger than this, you can use wood panels to reduce the opening size, or opt for made to measure doors.

Mix 610, 762 or 914mm width sliding doors to create your required wardrobe width using our design tool. Dors can overlap more if you have a smaller opening.  All prices include matching ‘value’ tracks.

Shaker Standard Sliding Wardrobe Door – Soft Close Upgrade

If the standard door designs and sizes suit your needs, but your after the quality of a soft close guide and track system, then we can upgrade your standard doors to have tracks, wheels and guides from the made to measure range. You will need to increase your standard door opening height to 2275mm to allow for the soft close. Please contact us to arrange this. The charge varies depending on whether you are using our design tool, or whether you are buying kits.

Why not use our  Design Tool to help you design your Standard Size Sliding Wardrobe?

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Shaker Made to Measure Doors

We also have a fabulous range of MADE TO MEASURE SHAKER SLIDING WARDROBE DOORS. They are more expensive than the standard, but you also get the option to change glass and panel configurations, mixing different coloured glass options, with different wood finishes. All Shaker made to measure doors also include higher specification wheels, guides, top track and also have our Patented SOFT CLOSE, and of course, we make them to measure to your specific requirements, so you will not need to change the size of your opening to suit the size of the doors.

Why not use our Design Tool to help you design Shaker doors to  bespoke design and size?

Click here to design made to measure sliding wardrobe doors


Image Gallery – Shaker Sliding Wardrobe Doors – Made to Measure and Standard

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