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Aluminium Sliding Wardrobe Door Systems – 15% – 35% off RRP plus FREE Track-sets

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These SpacePro standard sized sliding doors systems are different to the norm in that they are made from extruded aluminium, as opposed to rolled steel.  This frame and track material is usually reserved for the most expensive made to measure and custom door systems, but we have used this hardware to make some more affordable standard sized doors in 610, 762 and 914mm (Opening height 2260mm).  The running gear and track system is of a superior design (E-Track) making soft close upgrade (purchased separately) much more affordable.  All systems use identical hardware to their more expensive brothers/sisters in the made to measure ranges.

Please note – 15/35% Discounts and free tracks are already built into design tool prices below.


MINIMALIST – 15% off RRP – Designed to have a minimal aluminium frame around the door, showing more glass, and subsequently needs a handle in middle.  Available in GREY TINTED MIRROR amongst others.

SWITCH – 15% off RRP – Designed to be double sided, for walk through situations, so you see glass or mirror on the front and back, and you don’t see running gear/wheels on the back. Glass is also safe to BSEN 12600 from ‘both sides’.

ELLIPSE – 35% off RRP – Designed with a 56mm wide, beautiful elliptically curved aluminium frame, unashamedly celebrating the quality anodised aluminium finish. Available in BRONZE TINTED MIRROR amongst others.

Aluminium Sliding Wardrobe Door Systems – 15% – 35% off RRP plus FREE Track-sets

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