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Alume / Relax Wardrobe Interior 850 -1150mm Pull down hanger bar (Silver)

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Pull-down hanger bar for use with the Alume range of wardrobe interior storage, measuring 850mm x 1150mm. Extends to approx 870mm depth when pulled down. Maximum weight bearing 8kg.

This product is ideal for those high ceilings, where a normal hanger bar would simply be too high to reach your clothes.

Simple pull on the handle and your clothes will drop into reach. Push the handle back up, to raise your clothes back into the wardrobe.

Alume storage solutions are easy to create as well as being versatile and practical. Alume can be arranged in any number of ways, with a choice of shelves and drawers to create a stylish, wardrobe interior contemporary wall storage display or room divider for any home.

With a wealth of hanging, shelving and drawer components to decide from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s flexible too – as your storage requirements change, you can move the modular components around to suit your needs. Stylish, practical and versatile – the perfect storage solution.