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Egger Sliding Wardrobe ‘SCRIBE & RETURN’ 2600mm x 100mm x 100mm




A more substantial way to frame your wardrobe against the side walls.

A scribe and return is basically 2 x fillets of MFC (wood), fixed at 90 degree to each other, to create an ‘L’ shape, that from the front looks like a heavier frame.  The scribe is the piece facing you and touching the wall (in the same plane as the doors), and the return is the piece parallel to the wall, that the doors will close against.

Preferred by carpenters, this will ensure that your doors contact with a straight surface (if the wall is not perfectly straight), and also gives the opportunity to ‘scribe’ around any obstacles, like central heating pipes, skirting boards, picture rails, coving etc.

Also gives you the opportunity to reduce the width of your door opening by up to 118mm each side.  Especially useful for standard doors if the doors are not quite wide enough.

Made from 2 x fillets (2600 x 100 x 18mm), and a pack of corner connector blocks.

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