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Egger Sliding Wardrobe ‘STRIKE PLATE’ 100mm or 250mm wide




Strike Plates in colours to match our Egger S700 sliding wardrobe doors

Size: 2600mm x 100mm x 18mm

Size: 2600mm x 250mm x 18mm

Please note that these are the same liners that are listed elsewhere in the website, but this page is just a simplified place to shop for them (without having to scroll through all of the different colours).

Also called a wall liner or a floor liner. A decorative liner for your sliding wardrobe doors to close against. Not a structural part of the sliding doors system, but very useful if your walls are not quite straight or you have removed skirting/cornice/picture rails to find old paint/plaster and you don’t want to redecorate the whole room.

These are very simply a piece of wood, laminated on both sides, and on both 18mm edges, and can be used for multiple purposes (i.e. not just for lining your walls). PLEASE ENSURE: you allow for the liners in your sizes i.e. deduct the thickness from your opening sizes as required, we will not allow for them.

As an alternative to the simple strike plate, please take a look at our ‘scribe and returns’, which are ideal if you DON’T want to remove your skirting/cornice/picture rails, and would rather ‘scribe’ around them.

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