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SILVER Frame ARCTIC WHITE Glass & Mirror ‘Classic’ Sliding Door Kits (All sizes)


Promotional Kits, with an EXTRA 10% OFF.  Classic Sliding Wardrobe Doors with SILVER frames and tracks, and a choice of ARCTIC WHITE GLASS or MIRROR panels.  For the full range, use our design tool by clicking here:




Please note this is the Classic System with a premium 35mm frame, and not the standard 25mm frame.

White Glass and Mirror sliding wardrobe doors, available in 2, 3 or 4 door kits, including tracks.

SILVER door frames, and top track.

Door Panels in Mirror, or beautiful high gloss opaque white glass.  Please be aware that this is not our pure brilliant white glass.  It is standard white which will have a slight tint depending on your environment and lighting.  The tint is due to impurities present in all normal glass. The pure brilliant white uses a very special ‘low iron’ glass.  If this is what you require then please contact us and we can quote you from our other ranges.

Click the drop down menu below for prices on the various combinations of size, and mixture of panel or mirror.

Available in many different widths:

2 Doors:

– 2 x 610mm doors – openings up to 1200mm

– 2 x 762mm doors – openings up to 1500mm

– 2 x 914mm doors – openings up to 1800mm

3 Doors:

– 3 x 610mm doors – openings up to 1800mm

– 3 x 762mm doors – openings up to 2250mm

– 3 x 914mm doors – openings up to 2700mm

4 Doors:

– 4 x 610mm doors – openings up to 2400mm

– 4 x 762mm doors – openings up to 3000mm

– 4 x 914mm doors – openings up to 3606mm

All suit an opening height of 2260mm.

Dont forget the doors can be overlapped more to fit smaller openings.

The frame of the Classic door is 35mm, and this makes a nice overlap.

Door Specification: Quality steel framed doors and tracks. Safety backed glass to BS6206 and EN12300. ‘Stanley Design’ wheels and guides with patented ‘anti-jump’ system to stop doors from jumping out of tracks for your safety.