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SpacePro Aura Steel Wardrobe Interior Kits – All Sizes – White Wood


Please find here a page that groups all of our ‘pre-prepared’ Aura kits.  An alternative way of buying this interior is using out ‘AURA INTERIOR DESIGN TOOL’.  Please click this link and we will take you there



SpacePro AURA Wardrobe Interior System.

Kit Small:

Kit Large:

Kit 1:  Fits openings from 750 to 1350mm wide

Kit 2:  Fits openings from 1300 to 1900mm wide

Kit 4:  Fits openings from 1300 to 3250mm wide

Kit 5:  Fits openings from 1650 to 2250mm wide

Kit 6:  Fits openings from 3540 to 4700mm wide

Kit 8:  Fits openings from 1300 to 1900mm wide

Kit 9:  Fits openings from 1325 to 1875mm wide

Kit 10:  Fits openings from 1475 to 2575mm wide

Kit 11:  Fits openings from 2400 to 4000mm wide

Kit 12:  Fits openings from 2820 to 3420mm wide

Kit 13:  Fits openings from 2250 to 2850mm wide

Kit 14:  Fits openings from 2225 to 2825mm wide

 Drawers either 550mm or 900mm wide x 350mm high and 500mm deep.

Shelves either 550mm or 900mm wide x 350mm high and 25mm thick.

Hangers bars either 500mm wide or telescopic 700 to 1300mm wide

Adjustable telescopic, floor to ceiling, stanchion post height 2110mm – 2700mm

 Originally designed by members of the the Sliding Wardrobe World team 15 or so years ago, now sold as SpacePro AURA.

Designed to give total flexibility in interior design

The telescopic steel stanchions are design so that the components can lock in at any height, and be moved as many times as you need, throughout the products lifetime, without degrading the look or quality of the product.

 The post will telescope from 2110mm high up to 2700mm high ceilings.

You can install as per the pictures, or move, and even add items as and when you need.  We sell each component separately, so if these kits dont satisfy you needs exactly, just contact us and we can provide you with the items to create an bespoke design.

Hanger bars, shoe racks and shelves can all be cut down or will also telescope in width to fit any size you need (done during install).

Select a single kit to do the job, or add multiple kits next to each other, or select a kit and contact us for additional items, that can be bolted on at any time.

If mechano made wardrobes interiors, it would function something like this system. Total flexibility for the lifetime of the product.