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Angled Sliding Wardrobe Doors for Sloping Ceilings, Skeilings & Under Stairs Storage – New Product Launch from Sliding Wardrobe World

Posted on 11th March 2012

Sliding Wardrobe World have just launched a new range of ‘Angled’ sliding wardrobe doors that are designed specifically for angled roofs, sloping ceilings, skeilings and under stair cases.  The range will simply be called ‘S9’ Sliding Wardrobe Doors.

The S9 angled sliding wardrobe doors are avalilable in a new wider range of glass and woodgrain finishes.

Often customers will find that when workinging in an attic room, or simply in a bedroom under a sloping eave (also known as a skeiling), that they need a sliding wardrobe door that just isnt quite square.

Angled Sliding Wardrobe Door for Sloping Ceilings
Angled Sliding Wardrobe Door for Sloping Ceilings in Fuschia Pink

This can also be the case when putting sliding wardrobe doors under stairs.

Previously the carpenter or fitter would have to create a false panel to allow rectangular sliding wardrobe doors to fit, and generally this panel would not slide, so is not very good for storage, but now, Sliding Wardrobe World can build you doors with a corner cut away, or with the whole top end of the door cut away.

The problem with doing this is that the door loses some of its integrity, as its no longer held in the track on all four corners, but the new S9 sliding wardrobe doors will come with a special guide and track that fixes to a shelf at mid height, and provides some extra rigidity to the angled sliding door.

A few extra measurements are required, but the product can still be fully defined by the customer using our made to measure design tools.

For more information (or to jump straight to designing you wardrobe), go straight to our S9 angled sliding wardrobe doors for sloping ceilings  design tool.

Addition 19/06/13:

For a really interesting blog on how to measure design and fit an set of Angled, Sloping or Skeiling set of sliding wardrobe doors, please click on this link ‘skeiling sliding wardrobe doors’.