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Minimalist Sliding Wardrobe Doors – aka Gliss

Posted on 14th March 2013

Minimalist Sliding Wardrobe Doors – aka Gliss

Minimalist Sliding Wardrobe Doors
Minimalist Sliding Wardrobe Door details shots

from Sliding Wardrobe World – With the trend for modern, contemporary and minimalist design, sliding wardrobe world have added some more colours finishes to its Gliss Minimalist Sliding Wardrobe Door range.

New to the range is grey mirror, and linen panel.  The grey mirror Minimalist sliding Wardrobe Doors give all the benefits of mirror, but a moodier feel to the reflection, adding more atmosphere to the room, whilst the Linen effect is a finish that compliments the Alume Relax wardrobe interior range.

Over 10 years ago, as a young (ish) design team, we were looking for a new product to launch into the UK market.   The inspiration for the Gliss Minimalist sliding wardrobe door was from a company in Italy called Rimadesio (please google the Graphis range from Rimadesio).  Although very successful in Italy, at the very high end of the market, it was a product range that just was not available in the UK at a reasonable price.  The minimum price for a door, at trade was over a thousand pounds per meter.  And production volumes were small.  The problem being that each component had been lovingly hand machined from aluminium.  We decided to produce a product similar in design, but using higher volume production processes that would reduce cost, without sacrificing the quality.  At the time, Minimalism was the buzz word in modern design, and the slim aluminium frame, lent itself perfectly to this movement, and the name Minimalsit stuck.

Due to large the large number of copies flooding the market, and the original photography being plastered on product, in an uncontrolled manner,  from many different ‘uncontrolled’ manufacturing sources, we have moved away from the origanl name, and now refer to the product as Gliss.

Please be aware that Gliss Minimalist sliding wardrobe door hardware has been copied in Eastern Europe and China, and is now being imported into the UK in varying degrees of quality.   This great product is now shown on many other websites, and seems to be available from  many other outlets, but if you want to buy the product from the factory that originally designed it, and the largest manufacturing plant in the UK, with all the long term glass and mirror safety guarantees that that includes, then make sure you purchase from Sliding Wardrobe World.

Please be aware that if you are not buying Minimalist sliding wardrobe doors from us, especially on the internet, then there is a high chance that its not been produced in the factory in Sheffield, to the original quality guidelines.