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Month: October 2013

Sliding Wardrobe Doors London

Posted on 21st October 2013

Sliding Wardrobe Doors London: London continues to be the city with the highest demand for our sliding wardrobe doors, wardrobe interiors and associated services.  Rising property prices, a squeeze on space, and the ever growing requirement for efficient, modern storage solutions, is pushing up demand.  London also has the highest density of Architects, Designers, and design savvy customers in the UK.  Couple that with […]

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Jersey

Posted on 15th October 2013

Sliding Wardrobe Doors and interiors now shipped to Jersey We are now really happy to say that we are shipping our sliding wardrobe doors and interiors to Jersey for only £75 delivery.  To enable us to do this efficiently and competitively, we have had to exclude certain products from the range, but most of the range […]

Soft Close for Standard Sized SpacePro Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Posted on 9th October 2013

Soft Close for Standard Sized SPACEPRO Sliding Wardrobe Doors If using the standard door design tool £55 per door. If buying a standard door kit, then £65 per door. This is not a simply a case of adding soft close to a standard door, as it requires a complete upgrade to a higher quality track […]

Triple Track Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Posted on 2nd October 2013

Although currently not listed on the website, we do have a great triple track sliding wardrobe door system called Series 700. Nearly all sliding door systems on the market today have a double track, so if you have 3 doors, 2 of them will be on the same track (usually the rear track).  The benefits of a […]