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Triple Track Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Posted on 2nd October 2013

Triple Track Sliding Wardrobe Doors
Triple Track Slidng Wardrobe Doors show with a recessed bottom track, but we also have surface mount, and carpet tracks available.

Although currently not listed on the website, we do have a great triple track sliding wardrobe door system called Series 700.

Nearly all sliding door systems on the market today have a double track, so if you have 3 doors, 2 of them will be on the same track (usually the rear track).  The benefits of a double track is that it takes up less space than a triple track, but the drawback is that you will only ever have access to 1/3 (one third) of your opening at a time, whereas with a triple track sliding wardrobe doors, you can move 2 doors out of the way, and have access to 2/3 (two thirds) of your opening.  This is of benefit if you have designed the interior with drawers that are wider than your doors, or are in position that simply does not work with a double track system.

The wonderful thing about our triple track system is that the bottom track is actually set up as individual track, so instead of seeing a large aluminium chunk of track on the floor, you will actually see 3 nice slim separate tracks.  In addition to this, we also have 4 options of single track:

1.  Surface mounted single bottom track for traditional fitting

2.  Inset mounted tracks for recessing into wooden floors

3.  Inset mounted track for fitting under carpet

4.  Inset mounted for track for recessing into ceramic tiled floors

Please remember that the S700 triple track sliding wardrobe doors are normally only for trade customers and architects, and are not currently listed on the website.  They are available in all the same colours as the S9 doors, and generally cost about 10-25% more than S9 (due to a high spec framing system, thicker wood panels, and German soft close system).   Please contact us with any questions and for a quote either by email ( or call on 0208 123 8686.