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Sliding Wardrobe Doors for New Build and zero rate VAT

Posted on 8th April 2014

Please be aware that you can claim back the VAT under certain circumstances on your sliding wardrobe doors and a simple interior system, when it is being purchased for a ‘New Build’ house or flat.   Strict HMRC rules must be adhered to.  Please note that we will need to charge VAT on your purchase, but because it counts as building materials, you will be able to reclaim the VAT.

The basic rules are outlined below:

13.5.2 What articles are not furniture but are building materials?

Examples of articles that are not furniture and are building materials for VAT purposes, include:

(a) basic storage facilities formed by becoming part of the fabric of the building, such as airing cupboards and under stair storage cupboards;

(b) items that provide storage capacity as an incidental result of their primary function, such as shelves formed as a result of constructing simple box work over pipes, and basin supports which contain a simple cupboard beneath; and

(c) basic wardrobes installed on their own with all the following characteristics:

  • The wardrobe encloses a space bordered by the walls, ceiling and floor. But units whose design includes, for example, an element to bridge over a bed or create a dressing table are furniture and are not building materials.
  • The side and back use three walls of the room (such as across the end of a wall), or two walls and a stub wall. But wardrobes installed in the corner of a room where one side is a closing end panel are furniture and are not building materials.
  • On opening the wardrobe you should see the walls of the building. These would normally be either bare plaster or painted plaster. Wardrobes that contain internal panelling, typically as part of a modular or carcass system, are furniture and are not building materials.

The wardrobe should feature no more than a single shelf running the full length of the wardrobe, a rail for hanging clothes and a closing door or doors. Wardrobes with internal divisions, drawers, shoe racks or other features are furniture and are not building materials.

13.5.3 What articles are furniture but are not building materials?

All other finished or prefabricated furniture and materials for the construction of fitted furniture are not building materials for VAT purposes, such as:

  • wardrobes (other than those basic wardrobes described at sub-paragraph 13.5.2 including basic wardrobes installed as part of a larger installation of furniture in the room;
  • elaborate vanity units;
  • wall units, such as bathroom cabinets;
  • laboratory work benches; and
  • pews, choir and clergy stalls.

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