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B&Q Sliding Wardrobe Doors – Safety Warning on European Imported Product – Product Recall

Posted on 19th June 2018

B&Q Sliding wardrobe doors now being imported from mainland Europe:

For nearly 30 years (20 of which using the Stanley Brand) you have been able to purchase many of our sliding wardrobe doors through your local B&Q store or online, with many of our (and their) products being produced in the same factory in Sheffield, England.  We have always been proud to associate many of our standard sized doors and entry level products with the products at B&Q, and have often recommended that our customers collect locally at B&Q to avoid delivery charges ‘when it made sense’.

We are very sorry to inform our customers that, due to Europe wide decision by the Kingfisher Group (owners of B&Q and various other DIY chains throughout Europe), B&Q are now importing certain lower quality products from manufacturers in mainland Europe.

Firstly we would like to point out that we truly believe that these products are of a lower quality than the system we have been offering for many years, using the patented ‘Stanley’ system, but we also need to point out that that replacement tracks etc will no longer be compatible in most cases.  Please contact us and we can advise accordingly.

Of particular concern was that our product may be associated with the new sliding door ranges at B&Q.  They are not in any way linked to ours, and do not come from any of our UK factories, or European suppliers. 

From the start we were concerned with the safety of this product range.  Glass and mirror needs to be handled and framed in a safe manner and some of the technicalities of these ranges was a concern.

Our concerns have been validated on the Valla range which has already had a product recall, and safety warning issued by B&Q.

B&Q said that a manufacturing “defect” could cause the door frame to become loose and detach, meaning the door panels, including the mirror, could fall from the frame.

The wardrobes were on sale between September 2017 and March 2018.

If you have bought these B&Q sliding wardrobe doors, please arrange for their return to B&Q for a full refund.  Please then contact us, and we will be happy to supply a safe equivalent product at a discounted rate.  Click on this link for examples of equivalent products.

One of the Valla sliding door wardrobes that have been recalled by B&Q

Customers who have bought one of the wardrobes are being advised to not “pull on the frame” during use and to hold both sides of the door frame “firmly” while pushing to slide the doors open.

If you have bought one of these B&Q sliding wardrobe doors, you should contact the B&Q helpline on 0300 303 4482 (1800 946 327 in Republic of Ireland).

The following products are affected:

  • Valla Partition 622mm Dark grey
    Product barcode number 3663602800811
  • Valla Partition 922mm White
    Product barcode number 3663602800613
  • Valla Partition 622mm Darwin oak
    Product barcode number 3663602856092
  • Valla Partition 772mm Light grey
    Product barcode number 3663602826255
  • Valla Partition 622mm Grey oak
    Product barcode number 3663602800743
  • Valla Partition 772mm Oak
    Product barcode number 3663602826217
  • Valla Partition 622mm Light grey
    Product barcode number 3663602826248
  • Valla Partition 772mm White mirror
    Product barcode number 3663602826200
  • Valla Partition 622mm Oak mirror
    Product barcode number 3663602800668
  • Valla Partition 922mm Dark grey
    Product barcode number 3663602800835
  • Valla Partition 622mm White mirror
    Product barcode number 3663602800583
  • Valla Partition 922mm Darwin oak
    Product barcode number 3663602856115
  • Valla Partition 772mm Dark grey
    Product barcode number 3663602826231
  • Valla Partition 922mm Grey oak
    Product barcode number 3663602800781
  • Valla Partition 772mm Darwin oak
    Product barcode number 3663602856108
  • Valla Partition 922mm Light grey
    Product barcode number 3663602826415
  • Valla Partition 772mm Grey oak
    Product barcode number 3663602826224
  • Valla Partition 922MM Oak
    Product barcode number 3663602800705