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SpacePro GRAPHITE CLASSIC Sliding Wardrobe Door Kits – Various widths


SpacePro CLASSIC 35mm frame (10mm wider than Heritage) Sliding Wardrobe Doors with GRAPHITE frames and tracks, and MIRROR panels.  These are pre prepared ‘promotional kits’.  For the full range, use our design tool by clicking here:


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Our NEW CLASSIC Graphite framed doors have a wider 35mm graphite frame around the mirror.   To all intents and purpose, it is the same system (build on the original patented Stanley Acmetrack system) as Heritage, but with a wider door frame (the edging around the glass), and roll formed from a slightly thicker steel.  This makes the product just that little bit more robust.  Everything else is pretty much the same as Heritage.

Sliding wardrobe doors and tracks included, available in 2, 3 or 4 door kits, with door sizes of 610mm (24 inch), 762mm (30 inch) or 914mm (36 inch).

Frame is 35mm wide roll formed steel, laminated with a durable GRAPHITE finish. Mirror is safety laminated mirror to BS EN 12600,

Available in 9 different widths, but you can cut down the tracks, and overlap the doors a but more to fit perfectly into smaller widths:

2 Doors:

– 2 x 610mm doors – openings up to 1200mm

– 2 x 762mm doors – openings up to 1500mm

– 2 x 914mm doors – openings up to 1800mm

3 Doors:

– 3 x 610mm doors – openings up to 1800mm

– 3 x 762mm doors – openings up to 2250mm

– 3 x 914mm doors – openings up to 2700mm

4 Doors:

– 4 x 610mm doors – openings up to 2400mm

– 4 x 762mm doors – openings up to 3000mm

– 4 x 914mm doors – openings up to 3606mm

All suit an opening height of 2260mm.

Select the price tab below for prices of the available variations.

Don’t forget the doors can be overlapped more to fit smaller openings.

The frame of the Heritage door is 35mm, and this makes a nice overlap, but you can overlap up to 100mm or more, but this will affect resulting opening widths.  Call us if you need advice on this.

 ‘Stanley Design’ wheels and guides with patented ‘anti-jump’ system to stop doors from jumping out of tracks for your safety.