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2 x ‘Value’ SILVER or WHITE Framed MIRROR Doors and Track (3 Size options)




* PLEASE NOTE this is our VALUE version of this product.

It has a narrower steel frame (around the mirror) and a PVC track system compared to our other products (which have steel or aluminium tracks).  

Available in 3 different widths:

– 2 x 610mm doors for an opening of 1200mm*

– 2 x 762mm doors for an opening of 1500mm

– 2 x 914mm doors for an opening of 1800mm*

All for an opening height of 2260mm

Door Specification: Steel framed mirror doors. Safety backed glass to BS6206 and EN12300.

Track Specifications:  PVC or steel track

* Note: As of Sept 2021 The 1200 and 1800mm versions of this product will be shipped with a steel J track as an improved substitution due to stock issue on the PVC track.